Artix Entertainment has always been the face of great 2D games such as Dragon Fable and of course the OG AdventureQuest. While the OG AdventureQuest was aimed to be a 2D game in the likes of Mario, or the OG Prince of Persia, but with a ton of features and heightened gameplay, the AdvenutreQuest Worlds provides the same but in an open world setting and of course in multiplayer modules. AdventureQuest Worlds is soon claiming its spot as the top browser-based game, and for good reasons!

The Old Is The New

What AdventureQuest Worlds basically does is it brings together the casual gaming style of the original game and spices it up with certain MMORPG gameplay features, making it one of the most enjoyable online games that people can spend hours on and still not get bored. And of course, the entire game can be played online and will not require any extra bit of graphics or RAM to enable the proper gameplay.

Multiplayer Action

But the feature that AdventureQuest lovers will find the most enjoyable in AdventureQuest Worlds, is the ability to team up with other players and take down the bigger bosses which would otherwise require endless amount of levelling up. The only downside is that currently there is no player vs player module to play on, however Artix Entertainment has promised to release this feature soon enough. They are also kind enough to provide constant updates to remove any bugs from the game whatsoever, so you can expect a hassle-free gaming experience.

Adventure Quest Worlds is the perfect game for any beginner who is tiptoeing into the world of MMORPGs and also for seasoned gamers who would like to take a break from eye watering graphics and mind-boggling combat strategies. So, head over to their website and start playing immediately!

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