Tired of the same old MMORPGs and looking for something fresh but at the same time not something where you will have to figure out a whole new set of gameplay rules? Welcome yourself to the world of Divine Storm, a very Warcraft like MMORPG where you can endlessly hack and slash monsters, carry out raids, level up your characters and dress them up with the latest armour you looted.

The Rundown

You have the typical three class setting, where you choose between a powerhouse (warrior), a long-range attacker (ranger), or a spellcaster (mage) and set on the journey to become the strongest in a mythical world of dungeons and beasts. While there is a sort of a central story to follow you can easily choose to ignore it and play this game as you like. There are enough bosses and levels to keep the game interesting even after you have covered most of the basic requirements, and there are also daily and weekly challenges to complete for special rewards.

More Features

Some of the best features of this game are the ability to set auto-play on whereby your character will level up without you having to prompt it, and the vast variety of travelling techniques which make moving across the vast map quite easy. Moreover, Divine Storm is the perfect game for someone who wants to relax and not have to spend too much mental capacity on a video game.

Divine Storm can be played either via your Facebook account or you can head over to their website and create yourself a login ID. The game will work perfectly on any browser and you will not require any extravagant system requirements to run it either. If you are in the mood for something a bit more mind boggling, do check out Dragon Awaken!