The MMORPG craze is something that the world will not get over anytime soon. Especially more so since there are new top-notch games being released every season. One of the best new additions to the MMORPG list is League of Angels III and gamers are just not being able to get enough of this fantasy driven action strategy game.

The Basics

While at a first glance League of Angels III may seem like a typical point and click game, those who have played the previous versions of League of Angels will know that the game usually packs a lot more punch. For starters, this MMORPG comes with a unique and rich narrative which you can follow throughout the game. Add to this various type of battle modules and a vast array of characters, and you have yourself an MMORPG that is going to bring out the inner gamer in you and have you glued to your computer screen for hours.

The Details

The basic concept of League of Angels III is that there is a war brewing between the forces of demons and angels, and you have been selected as one of the generals on the side of the angels. So, your primary mission is to recruit and train the best of the best angels and thereby create a team which will be able to take on the various demonic forces which pose a threat. The game practically has no end, with a vast map which will take you at least months to cover fully, a host of side missions, and various training procedures to complete for each angel you recruit, League of Angels III is easily one of the best MMORPGs to have come out in recent times.

Another feature of this game which seems to have garnered the attention of gamers worldwide is that there is an immense level of strategy required to progress in the gameplay. Sure, at the beginning it’s merely points and click and if your army is upgraded enough you win. But once you have covered the basic levels, simply upgrading the angels will not win you every battle, especially the boss fights. So, if you are looking for a game which will rattle your brain and make you devise the best strategies possible but at the same time provide you enough action-adventure to not make it boring, League of Angels III is the perfect game for you.

Developed by GTArcade, League of Angels III can be played completely online and most PCs with the basic RAM and graphics will support this game smoothly. All this talk getting you hyped? Head over to this link and play it yourself and immerse into a fantasy world of angels, demons, and endless adventure. It’s absolutely free and can be played even without a super fast internet connection, so you basically can’t find a single reason to not play this game! Also, if you are a true MMORPG aficionado then you should also read about one of the best upcoming MMORPGs of 2019, ‘Mad World’.