Created by the co-founders of Realm of the Mad God, Alexander Carobus; Star Break is a free MMO (Massive Multi Media Online) Game. This means that you can use the same gaming profile on your Phone, Tablet or Personal Computer.

Star Break is a unique action and skill-based MMO where you fight epic Boss battles, kill legions of dangerous aliens and explore a strange sci-fi world. The game is fast and engaging. You will need to visit and conquer more than seven diverse environments that is the playground to challenging enemies. Beat them and you will find a unique Loot and Hard-to-find secrets. Also read about the one of the most popular and massively multiplayer online role-playing game “Mad World”.


Star Break has features where you can play with specific people by marking them as friends using the “/friend” command and also communicate with them easily. You may also reassign Keys to command other functions from the Options Menu.


On the other hand, you cannot use your touchscreen as this game was made to be played on a touchpad or keypad. Also, you cannot trade weapons with other players unlike some other MMO games.

The Storyline

Players explore a futuristic sci-fi world where humanity is on the rim of disappearance. The players need to encounter fictional aliens and slaughter ruthless bosses to stay alive. There are more than seven levels or environments. You can choose among four-character Classes.

Depending upon the Classes you will have distinct abilities, equipment, and play style at first. But you will attain more powers as your complete tasks and move on through the game.

The Classes as mentioned before are distinctive and are called Shells.
They are Duskwing, Wildfire, Fabricator and Ironclad. Each Shell has its own distinct strength and different talent.

Wildfire is a ranged shell that dispatches enemies from a distance. This is the best choice for beginners. This shell is unlocked by default.

Ironclad is a large slow shell that can both inflict and absorb large amounts of damage. It works well in a group. You must complete a level called Fungus Cave to use this shell.

Fabricators are the shell of Harvester construct, it is able to create more constructs to aid its goals. You must complete the Underground Base to use this shell.

Duskwing are a fast shell that excels in the air but cannot take many hits. It is the best choice for the skilled. You must complete a Fire Forest to use this shell.

Star Break went out of beta on May 10, 2016. The game is available and playable from its official website and can also be downloaded through Steam.

Starbreak Key Features

  • Graphics- 2D
  • MMO – Play simultaneously against dozens of players over the internet at the same time.
  • Four Shells –Wildfire is the game’s long-range character. It is Ironclad and can inflict and absorb huge damage.
  • Multiplayer Co-Op Focus – Team up and enter treacherous worlds that require working together and being skilled and attentive, to face the game’s challenges.
  • Challenging Gameplay – If you love action, you will love this game. Fight your way through challenging levels that require coordination and risks.
  • Tons of Loot Items – collect over 200 unique rewards that you can gain from each of the game’s unique environments and successful tasks.

Feedback And Review

Read on to see what some of the feedbacks said about the game:

“Free Side scrolling Permadeath MMO is Surprisingly Fun” – Nathan Grayson – Kotaku

“I Must Say, It’s Rather Addicting” – Jake Smith – Game Tyrant

“Star Break impresses with its Luscious Visuals, Engaging Combat and Huge Selection of Loot – Calum Fraser – Alpha Beta Gamer

Another Review Said:

“Every level has a clear and a massive leap in difficulty, it leaves you with no choice but to get very good at a character to be able to progress. You can get better weaponry and become truly flawless at using a character.” –

“This game is like my experience with riding a bike, at first it goes pretty badly. You fall over, you get scratches, etc, etc. Then you get used to it and you can go pretty fast. You then stop riding a bike and do something else for a few months. You open your garage one day and remember that bike. You had some good times. You take it out, put on a helmet and start riding, and lo and behold you remember how to ride. You can easily ride your bike so if you can still ride it normally, then you can ride it fast, really fast, right?”  –

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