Mad World is a MMORG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game), which is set to be released around the first half of 2019.

The Most Prominent Feature of this Mad World version is the HTML5 browser technology.
The Korean Indie developer; Jandisoft have been working at getting this format since a long time. According to Jandisoft, the release of MAD MAX will be “the first game to take HTML5 to its full potential and lead it to the main stage of the gaming world”. Find more information about the game on the official Jandisoft website

The game is been introduced to Korea who are still catching up with the HTML technology.
The Gaming World; Programmers, Artists, Designers and Animators are eagerly waiting for the launch and to see the technology. The players too couldn’t wait ever since they saw the trailer on the internet.

As said before, the biggest Feature of the game is its HTML5 technology.

The HTML5 technology should let you play this multiplayer game on multiple platforms be it your Windows or Android or Mac and iOS. In more easy words you can play the same game on your PC, phone, Tablet or Mac. You should also be able to play it on consoles but that is not sure as of now.

This technology allows you to play with thousands of other players over the internet at the same time without downloading it on whatever device you are using.

Jandisoft has not committed on how many players can the game play at the same time, but it is said it can be around 100.

This form of PVP (Player versus Player) computer game belongs to the genre of virtual online-role play. It is exciting, and addictive and it will hopefully work on any browser.

The storyline revolves around Apocalypses and how some among the survivors try to escape this shocking and horrible world filled with unthinkable demons and gory creatures. Even if this sounds very alike to any other video game, it is quite different.

This world is called “Mad World”. How can one survive this chaos? Is there a way to hope and a better world? Let’s hope to find the answers in

What was also highly noticeable in the game was an isometric hand-drawn style. It was unique and definitely leaves an impression on you. The creators of the game must have used rudiments that they found in contemporary art, books, and real-life people as their muse. It can be positively said that inspirations in Mad Word don’t just come from other games and will categorically be distinctive.

Mad World is a MMORPG, but it has distinctive setting, characters, and hectic yet addictive warfare system combining targeting and non-targeting combat.

It does have Hunting, Farming, PVE, PVP, Giant Bosses, Item Trading, Quests, and other enjoyable features often found in traditional MMORPG plus something original we are thinking of adding.

In short the Features of Mad World are:

Multi / Cross-platform MMORPG

This means that you can use the same gaming profile on your Phone, Tablet or Personal Computer.


Because the game is built using HTML5 technology the game can be played on any browser without downloading it.

Classic MMORPG Elements

Even though MAD WORLD is made using new technology it still retains the classic MMORPG feel.

Stylish Animation and Hand-Drawn Art

The artwork and animation used for MAD WORLD is sophisticated and unique.

PVP Battle Arena Modes

Besides the old-fashioned multiplayer mode where the Player is playing against other players on the browser; MAD WORLD also has a PVP (Player versus Player) mode where a player can fight against the system. Other exciting modes include tasks such as capturing the flag etc.

Classless Weapon-based Combat System

Playing MAD WORLD is effortless and super exciting. On scoring points, one does not get a class but you can acquire weapons. Once you are equipped with a weapon the player can swap these weapons according to a situation.

Surreal Creatures

MAD WORLD’s animation shows off on its wicked art work and characters including unimaginable creatures that look evil and out of this world.

Giant Boss Raid

You can also team up with other players to tackle ferocious Goblins, and finally fight the monster in the end.

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