The world of MMORPG is a unique one, and there is a particular reason as to why a magnificent number of people are hooked on to the various MMORPG games.

My Mission

My basic vision while developing this website was to feature the top games on it and let people know how they are being ranked worldwide. However, I chose to turn it into a more of a review-based website since that is what gamers truly want while reading about a game. And while there is a score of these websites which provide reviews of online games, not all of them are run by a hardcore online video games fan, such as me.

Therefore, my primary mission is to allow a gamer to understand what they will get out of playing a certain game online and all the additional info that is required. The world of MMORPG has moved much faster than anyone had guessed and therefore gamers are unable to understand which games to pick to spend their time with. And let’s be honest, most of these games are quite similar and does not offer a lot of variety. The ones that do are the ones which stand the test of time. And I am here to tell you which ones these are so that you can leave behind the long hours spent in choosing the right game and find it right here on this website.

Once Upon a Time

There were arcades, where games like Mario and Pacman were played by kids all day long. However, in today’s world of Warcraft and Skyrim, you are going to need a pretty high-end PC or a pocket emptying console to play the latest games. For a long long time, video games have been a source of entertainment for the social and economic upper class.

This all changed with the introduction of MMORPGs. All of a sudden, we had been transported to the golden era of video games where playing a game did not require a $600 mouse and a $1000 keyboard to be the best of the best. One could simply sit behind their regular with a basic internet connection and rack their brain for the ultimate strategy to emerge victorious in a fantasy world of dungeons and dragons. One could be the hero that was promised or the ruler of a vast space kingdom. All without having to buy a Nintendo Switch or an\ Xbox 360.

As a Results

A huge number of MMORPG games were being published by various agencies which ranged from 2D multiplayer raids to infinite world of dragon heroes and angel armies. This is when I had the idea of developing a website dedicated to finding the best and latest MMORPGs for the fans of the genre. Since the scope of these games is quite vast, players usually have a knack for developing their own choice of games within the genre.

This website is dedicated towards finding the best of the best games and providing detailed reviews of these games along with other details which gamers would find helpful. Surely, no one wants to spend a week playing a MMORPG levelling up their character only to find that the game does not suit their style at all. By reading the reviews posted on this website gamers can have an understanding of what a particular browser-based game entails before playing it at all. I of course will not give away all the interesting details which would spoil the game for the gamer, but rather provide information which would give a clear overview of the game they want to play.

"Love it played 1 and 2 and this one is by far the best i love the interaction and questlines with the npcs with back stories"

William Young

An interesting game, althought a bit looks like a browser game. "The combat system has a point-and-click mechanics. Effects and particles are very impressive"

James Owens

"Great tactical game. Not always about rushing forward but finding that best spot to place your troops and deliver death"

Willie Greer

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